Halloween 2015

Dress up. Party until early morning.   Pass out on living room floor of friend’s house. Ca c’est la vie Halloween.


Mystery, Mayhem… and a taste of Murder ;)

The time has come to say goodbye to several JETs in the community… those who will not be contracting for the 2015-2016 academic year will be returning home to family, friends, and futures no longer to be shared in Aomori. Shameless alliteration aside, they will be missed. Nothing says goodbye to an old crew and welcome to a new council quite like a murder mystery party where the former president and vice president are murdered for our entertainment.


A whodunnit worthy of a Milan catwalk.

Dressed to kill, we filled Aomori City’s Penthouse  the soiree launched with a host of talents and their entertaining repertoires: Tahitian dance, Liszt, singing, guitars, and spoken word poetry. We were all in the dark, anticipating the murder to occur sometime throughout the night but not quite sure how or when – the who was quite obvious, of course 😀 – and then the announcement for nibbles caught most everyone off guard. In what will be remembered as the swiftest dropping dead in the history of murder mystery parties, Pat and Ryan were murdered by their treasurer with the pen in the Penthouse and brought back as incoherent zombies by a graduate of Ghostbusters Academy via the arcane musical tie worn by the talent show’s guitarist (we’re classy and creative up here in Aomori). Left to mingle and investigate the details, which included the incoherent Pat and Ryan’s accounts of how they thought they were murdered, guests enjoyed the finest of appetizers and company for the next two hours. All in all it was a great night, whether one wanted to participate in the solving of the murder mystery or not. A bit like D&D on a massive, chaotic scale 😉


Detective Lisa Quinn is murdered…

Otherwise this week saw us at a glorious 11 degrees Celsius! Got invited to a picnic where we made damper (Australian bread cooked over an open fire) and reveled in the beauty of warmth and sunlight, grass and trees… I miss the oppressive heat of the California sun. It’s only April but it’s been hitting 90 degrees Fahrenheit back home… winter go away, please. Bring back the warm weather!

Impromptu Op. 1 No. 1: The Hair Dresser’s Fantasie in E-flat Major

It was just one of those things that sort of happened: gathered around the table chatting about the proverbial life and taxes when out of the clear, wide, open blue…

“So did you really want a haircut?” Roberto asked, eyeing my frizzled mess with a discerning look. Earlier in our conversation my mother had remarked that I was unhappy with the current state of folic affairs – I hadn’t gotten a decent trim in, well, seven months and since my hair is deceptively thick it was long overdue for a touch up. I could tell his thoughts were going at a mile a minute; he knew exactly what he wanted to do.

“Um, yeah!” I still don’t know what compelled me but I’m very glad that I did. Was it a pre-midlife crisis building up? Was it the fact that at 22 the most adventurous thing I had ever done to my hair was bob it (albeit from a sober hair dresser). “Just surprise me!”

There was no time to take back a decision made on one and a half shots of spiced rum (shocking, I know. Light weights unite!). And that’s when both Roberto and Eddie got up at the same time, the two slightly tipsier than I was, but still in control of motor functions. “Oh my God, let’s do it.”

Jessie provided the kit: hair oil, mister, shears and… well all those other instruments from the picture above – didn’t quite catch their names. My previous hairdo was really, really outdated plus it was getting too long/monotonous for me even to care about doing much with it. Now I can’t wait to start playing with it again! Roberto you are absolutely fabulous. Anytime, any day, you just say the word and I’ll be your translator, guide, and host in Japan. Lots of love and gratitude XoxO ❤ And for anyone interested: Check out Roberto’s work at the  ULTA in Eastvale, California!

Artistry has always run strongly on my mother’s side but while previous generations have chosen professions in the more conventional music/art-related fields, it seems as if these young bloods have taken a shine to hair and cosmetology. Eddie only has to wait for his license to clear. My sister will be starting her courses just as soon as she graduates from high school. And, of course, Jessie. Best of luck in your exams on Tuesday, Jessica! With all of your hard work and enthusiasm, you will soon also be a wonderful hair dresser like Roberto and cousin Eddie.

Thanks for all of these beautiful memories 😀 And now time for a real impromptu in E-flat Major.