Ikebana Like It’s 1536

Before my ikebana instructor corrected my form…     

According to my ikebana instructor, the flowers speak. Can I put that on my resume once I master this skill? 😉 Ikebana is a series of studied forms. There is nothing spontaneous about this art form. Geometric, methodical, one might even say strategic. Scholars suspect that the practice of flower arrangement for artistic and meditation goes back further than its first recorded history in the 15th century.

After ikebana master corrected my display. Mind blown.  

I keep crowding my flowers. Or as she put it: “They flowers are like a family. If they can’t breathe, they can’t talk to each other.”



Joshua Tree National Park


Named after the area’s signature Yucca brevifoliaJoshua Tree National Park is located about two hours east of Los Angeles and features an abundance of desert wildlife as well as fantastic geology, making it the perfect pit stop for adventurous travelers who don’t mind going off the beaten track.

Rock climbers, photographers, nature enthusiasts, and geology students will have a blast climbing the gigantic granitic monoliths by using the unique erosion patterns that create accessible foot and hand holds across most of these features. It’s quite a work out. Upon reaching their summit, you can see for miles around and take in the beautiful desert landscape/scenery. JTNP might not be as well known as Death Valley National Park or the Mojave Preserve but it’s definitely more accessible, complete with visitor centers and designated parking areas all throughout the area for those who enter it by car.

Bicyclists and hikers get a reduced fee entry 7 day pass for $5 while visitors who come by car pay $15 for a week (or for a flat rate of $30 you can opt for the yearly pass).

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