Discovering the world on your own terms is what ‘do it yourself’ adventures is all about: Be a little adventurous and click around! There’s so much more to travel than just hitting up the major cities of any continent. While those are amazing adventures in their own right, it might not be enough for the seasoned backpacker or the curious, off-the-beaten-rode traveler, which is why I compiled the following list of websites.

The world is your backyard. Go ahead and play 😀

Explore Europe by cycling the largest network of international bicycle paths!npsalltrails


1. Backpacking across the European continent via the largest network of bicycle routes.

2. Volunteering/Art residency through National Park Service.

3. Discover new hiking trails in near your city/county

4. Map out points of interest in your town or city and blog about it; however small or unknown you may think your hometown is… there’s always something interesting and it may inspire someone to trek out to your neck of the woods!

5. Create a list of your favorite authors/musicians/artists and visit their place of birth/cemetery.

6. Select your favorite author/musician/artist of all time and create a map of their life’s journeys and follow their travels from when they were born until their resting place (ex: Jane Austen/Ludwig von Beethoven/Monet)

7. Gather your friends for a month’s worth of weekends of exploration and writing as you all compete against each other and yourselves to complete a 50,000 word novel in 30 days or less!


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