10155915_842193585800668_2643940280451321590_nWelcome to Page One Adventures, wherein you shall find the heroine of this narrative (pictured to your left for reference) learning to navigate through all the wonderful joys, surprises, and tribulations of working and living abroad in Japan re-learning how to defeat gravity! The vignette may or may not be predetermined by the universe(s), π (pi), or some other naturally occurring phenomena for which the scientific community and philosophers at large have yet to assign with a fancy name in insert dead-language-of-your-choosing here. The reader is asked to be forewarned of the subjective first person point of view. In the highly unlikely event that this blog should survive the ravages of time, war, nuclear destruction, and the zombie apocalypse: Welcome, please leave your sanity at the door!

Education: B.A. Political Science with a concentration in Global Politics, minor in Japanese

Occupation: Aspring author of a palindrome novel that makes sense/bringing poetry back from the grave; AKA: currently between jobs, formerly a JET Program English teacher.

Current location: San Bernarino County, Southern California

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Japanese


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