Updates To Come

The past four months have been chock full of doctors’ appointments, physical therapy, a malicious (thankfully, now ‘former’) coworker hacking into my blog and changing no less than 5 posts, and even more recently a two week sojourn to Aomori to settle my affairs and move out for good.

This means there will be many updates to come.

First, there will be the matter of continuing with my rehabilitation, which was put on hold for two weeks. Once I can get through that, I’ll have time for everything else.

Second will be rewriting the posts that were altered. And, because this blog exists to document my experiences abroad and now at home, an accompanying story for how this happened and a previously un-published post about what it is like to grow up between cultures in America is like will also follow.

Third, a whole new series on travel within California, points of interest, and other fun things to do on a budget in the Golden State will soon follow.




8 thoughts on “Updates To Come

  1. Are you shitting me? Who in their right mind would alter your blog posts? I am like shitting myself right now. What the fuck? Was it a salty JTE?? That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard. What was exactly altered??
    Hope all goes well with your rehabilitation!

    • Oh, dearest, I know that feeling. And not a JTE, all of my Japanese coworkers have treated with nothing but respect. I’m mostly going to post about appropriate Internet safety and call upon the WordPress community to email this site’s admins about having a remote logout function available, like Facebook’s. I’m sending in my suggestions but it’s not going to be seriously considered unless a bunch of us ask for it.

  2. I can’t say the way certain actions were carried out between you and this former co-worker was appropriate, but before you say ‘malicious’, maybe you should think about why that person did that to you. You know, just because when you say malicious, it makes it seem like you’ve done absolutely nothing and this person is getting high off of sabotaging your life or something. Have you ever considered that you could be responsible for actions of the same, if not, greater severity? Although, I wouldn’t hold my breath on you recalling any situations where that person would feel pretty mutual about being thankfully ‘former’ co-workers.

    If anything , I would re-read what was written to you, because from what I’ve heard, the letter could become advice on how you should carry yourself in the future.

    No need to call the wordpress community about having a logout function available. It’s called not logging your personal diary into a community computer that is used by a staff of 30+people.

    Good luck with whatever you do next.

  3. For real? Look, I know it has to suck, being hurt and all– but I know for a FACT that you were trying to go on vacation for three days, couch-surfing, during the last weekend of your stay here. When you were coming back explicitly to clean your apartment out.

    I feel like if your injury were that severe, and if you were that emotionally damaged, you wouldn’t be trying to sleep on someone’s floor for a few nights in order to go see some stuff you’ve already had opportunity to see. So I think the twisting of words here is just realllllllllll subjective.

    About people altering your posts (or adding to it, it sounds like): There are reasons you don’t write personal stuff on computers that you do not log out of, and if someone was trying to tell you that you need to change then maybe you should listen. I have heard stories about your time here. We do not live in bubbles where word does not get around about the way that we treat others.

    Maybe it’s time, especially when you’re having to go through this transitional phase of breaking contract and leaving Japan earlier than you’d wanted, to listen to former coworkers even when you think they’re “being mean” to you. Instead of feeling like a victim, maybe look at what people are reacting to instead and see if there was stuff you did in your life that caused others to act real defensively.

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