The Final Goodbye 

Got medical leave to temporarily return to Japan for two weeks to finish settling my affairs and say one last personal goodbye to everyone.

I arrived home last night. Tired and sore but happy to have seen so many wonderful and important people to me in Aomori.

On a map, it’s this strangely misshapen prefecture. It doesn’t look like much to people who place undo emphasis on the convenience of modern city life. But to those who have had the sublime privilege and pleasure of residing in its evergreen forests, Aomori is a magical place of warm inaka life and ancient wilderness. It is and always will be a second home to me. I’ve had so many wonderful and beautiful first time experiences there. So many fun and extraordinary people made the experience UNFORGETTABLE.

And that’s a feeling and an experience that no one will ever be able to take away from me.

Thank you, Aomori for all the good times. And see you soon!


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