Back When I Thought I Could Art, Part One

That moment when you manage to salvage your failing external drive and come across an embarrassing file you’d thought long lost to the oblivion of multiple drive transfers and the wibbly wobbly nature of time… Well. Not everyone can be so fortunate and I was not one of them.

Apparently there was a point in my life when I thought I could art and I find these so laughably awful, I thought I might as well share them before deleting for good ❤








Above Us Only Sky

rainbow-flagThe thing is, deep down inside, once we get past all the possible variations of melanin tones and delve through the murky waters that are the mellow beige or spectacular spectra hues that represent our orientations, we are all of us essentially nothing more than human. Nothing more than a temporary collection of star-dust and cells. Nothing more than electrical impulses. Nothing more and certainly nothing less. And that should be more than enough to form a basis of understanding with our nothing-more-than fellow human beings. At the very least, it should be enough to live and let live.

The latest LGBTQ attack in Florida – certainly not the first or the last – comes with extra complications given that the attacker was an American citizen who adhered to radical Islam. This is further compounded now that talks of introducing limitations to the second amendment are underway again. Who is at fault? Religion? Politics? Society?

Effectually, WE’RE all at fault. We who stay silent while these atrocities occur. We who quote the ancient texts (that are rife with suspect translations) to point out that anyone could deserve this. We who do not vote out those of intolerant dispositions from office. We who allow the truth to be distorted and endure a society that remains at a perpetual standstill, all while neither encouraging others nor committing ourselves to creating a better world order for the generations that will replace us. In keeping silent, we signal to would be attackers that nobody cares enough for the marginalized to consider serious preventative measures.

And I understand that my beliefs in the sacrosanct nature of humanity will not translate well to those of certain faiths… but after a while, one must ask oneself: Is it truly a just, divine, and merciful God who advocates for us to become murderers? Is this really what God/god/the gods would want?