My kids finally submitted their suggestions for my next holiday. We put them in a bag, shook them up, and then drew one out. 

And congratulations to this year’s Destination X!

I’m going to the Philippines in April-May for Golden Week! Now, just gotta make all the money transfers and reservations before prices go up like crazy. 

How do I feel about letting my kids decide my holidays? Like I’m letting them experience the world with me… I’ll be sending photos and postcards while I’m there (already made them that promise) and if nothing else I hope it gets them thinking about the greater world around them.

If anyone has suggestions about what I should do or places I shouldn’t miss out on while in the Philippines please leave a comment! Food, folk crafts, music, pubs… You name it, I want to go 😀

I’ve done some research on great geological and some fun cities features but I don’t want to miss a thing, so suggest away!


4 thoughts on “MAD WORLD

  1. Aww that’s a really cute idea 😀 Good thing it isn’t that far either so you don’t have to pay so much to get there.

    What were the other suggestions by the kids? I’m curious.

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