Recipe for Lip Sores

Cheilitis. Lip sores. Lip blisters. They’re all just as demoralizing as a bad outbreak of cold sores, lip blisters can be brought on by a number of factors: stress, excessive sun exposure, lip dehydration, poor nutrition.

And like a bad outbreak, they can wreak havoc for indeterminate lengths of time. The options are few: 1. Wait it out, 2. Use over the counter medication, or 3. Home remedies.

Home remedies, like the kind I will post about, have been in use for as long as mankind has had curiosity and access to natural vegetation. Often overlooked in favor of its more concentrated forms in modern medicine, which has its roots in traditional homeopathic remedies, they’res still just as handy to have in the event that nothing else will work.

Or, if for no other reason, because it should be a first resort before turning to pills. We create ever stronger viruses by relying on modern medicine before giving our bodies a fighting chance to use our own immune system. Failing to follow through with recommended dosages also leads to viruses that can mutate to withstand modern medicine. On that note: GET YOUR KIDS VACCINATED! No, they won’t get autism. No, there are no other homeopathic remedies or spiritual healing that will cure polio, etc., so just get the vaccinations on time as suggested by your doctor.

This particular recipe has been in the family for some time; it’s worked for us but may not work for everyone.


2 lemons, juiced

1 tbs rosa de castilla petals, hand crushed

1 tbs honey

First, squeeze lemons and dissolve honey on medium high heat, waiting for the mixture to simmer. You’ll want to use a very small saucepan. The larger the saucepan, the more likely the mixture will over heat and caramelize.

Next, before honey-lemon concoction has started boiling make sure to crush about a tablespoon’s worth of rosa de castilla petals, stems included. Let the mixture come to a boil before turning off the heat.

Last, remove small saucepan from heat and allow to cool. Mixture should have a rosy, gold color. Apply topically to the affected area and consume some of the mixture each day until the sores are gone.

Et voila. Also, many apologies for all the posts that are publishing semi-complete!


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