Welcome to Aomori


The whirlwind month of welcome parties and incoming JETs has come and gone in all manner celebrations.

Alas, starting today, the second semester of the school year officially starts in Gonohe. Between adventuring, English camp, adult night classes, and general senpai duties, I count on one hand the number of nights I slept for a full 8 hours.

My first day back on the job went pretty much like this…

Me: *eyes burning with a look my JTE calls the ALT-is-so-ready-to-teach-English*

JTE: Ahaha, BEFORE YOU GET TOO EXCITED… It’s only the new semester ceremony.

Me: But I was so ready…

JTE: Don’t worry you have speech competition at 5pm!

And that was it until 5pm. I mean, it was a riveting adventure with handy kanji dictionary in hand and a whole day of, well, sitting and not much else. Alas, those days of long yakuba days are gone, though. Looking at my new schedule, a minefield of kindergartens and nursery school centers, I have a total of maybe three days in the entire semester (that are not public holidays) where I will be sitting bemoaning my lack of work.


Edit: If you notice that posts are only half complete… that means I accidentally published instead of saving my drafts because I fail with this new WordPress format.


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