Climbing Mt. Dread

Osorezan. The gate to hell on earth if the local legends are to be believed.  This eerie landscape is a geological minefield of sulfur deposites atop an active caldera. Just kneel down to the ground to feel the heat first hand.                              

Among the JET community is a popular legend that if you climb Osorezan, you leave your soul behind and must climb a second time to pick it up. If you drop an item and pick it up, you’ve also picked up a demon. And my personal favorite, if you trip while climbing or descending a particular red bridge that’s supposed to mean some supernatural force is clinging on to you, thereby affecting your balance.

Let’s just say Osorezan ranks way up there on the creepy list for a reason. And it’s not just because of the local legends. Professional shamans still live on the mountain, oracles that wil give you a reading of your future… If you dare. However, they have a specific time in the autumn right before the mountain is closed down for winter when readings are given so it’s not a year round thing.


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