DIY: Inspirational Comp Book


The DIY section is woefully under represented… My apologies! Also, I just realized the downsides to typing on my phone… spelling and grammatical gaffe fixing commences!

This is a simple collage project that can be completed in a couple of hours and which has potential to become a yearly tradition. Comp books come in a variety of colors and patterns these days, but if you’re jonesing for a more personal touch to keep your writing muses inspired for the long haul (the Great American Novel does not write itself, folks) then scrapping together inspirational pictures from magazines, old holiday cards, and just about any paper material that you can imagine using creatively is a great way to start.

Not only is this project an easy and fun way to personalize the most sacred of writing mediums (let’s face it, fellow writers, our notebooks are like second bodies, repositories for words that come straight from the soul) but it also makes them irreplaceable companions as you go about creating epic worlds and developing unforgettable if only to later kill off quirky characters.

Materials needed:

1 notebook or composition book, spiral bound not recommended but doable

Magazines, comic books, flyers, old ticket stubs, brochures… Anything that calls to your attention as inspirational. Most likely you will already own many of these items and it is preferable as it forces you to get really creative with what you’ve got rather than going out and prefabricating a notebook (but feel free to check out your art store’s scrapbooking area).

Clear masking tape

Ribbon (optional)

Kimmy’s Tips

1. Go through all of your material before deciding what will make it into the comp book and select everything that draws your attention whether or not it will go well with other previously selected items. Trust me, it will all make sense later.

2. Sit comfortably on the floor/large table or desk and keep your comp book or notebook clear from any other materials.

3. You don’t have to use everything you picked out but you will decorate both sides of the notebook.

4. Once you’ve arranged your materials, cut out a long piece of clear tape and carefully tape down starting on the area you are most afraid will come undone is jostled too much. Maybe you cut out a hundred tiny little stars in one corner and you’ve got them placed just so… Yep, that’s the corner you want to protect most. Left over tape edges will be creased on the opposite side of the notebook panel to secure the entire collage at the end.

5. If you will make a comp book with a book marker like so:

First, secure the lower and upper portions of it to the outer spine with small pieces clear tape before finishing off with a longer strip that runs down the entire length of the spine. The tape ensures a water-proof notebook so don’t be stingy. Enryoushinaideyo!

And that’s it. Also great for diaries or school notebooks! Spirals are not recommended as they make taping more difficult but Kim’s done many a spiral in the past with equal, if more time consuming, success.

It’s my first time making a comp book so it’s not nearly as creative or amazing as Kimmy’s but not too bad either way 😀

What makes the comp book a great yearly tradition is that you can make a new one for each story you’re planning/writing.


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