Day Three: Disney Sea


Photo taken courtesy of Micchan (


Although I’m not a Disney otaku (not by a long shot), I don’t mind excursions to theme parks every once in a great while and I’ve been to several Disneylands and Disneyworlds but Disney Sea is the one that caused me the most concern. For starters it’s built right on the ocean (the inner geologist in me convulsed) yet it’s so artistically put together and picturesque that it’s hard not to enjoy the beauty of the park. Mind, I didn’t have time to really explore (wait lines take up to four hours depending on the popularity of the ride) so I’ll have to go back just to visit the Aladdin themed section of the park.

Being the classy, working ladies that we are, we booked a fancy lunch. Well worth the money, only wish there had been more food! Pear compote recipes, I will master you yet…

My favorite part of Disney Sea? Location. As much as I freaked out internally about the location itself, for ecological and geological reasons, I caved in to my willful ignorance and stopped thinking about it around twenty minutes in to our visit. Also the popcorn hunt was fun (but those can be found at Tokyo Disneyland as well).

Least favorite part? All the people. Never mind social anxiety and introversion, there were just too many people for such a small park – go figure, it was Spring Break – and wait lines for the popular lines went anywhere from an hour and a half to four hours. We were waiting in line at Indiana Jones for at least two hours when they finally turned us away… the ride broke down or something.

Prices have been hiking in recent years but are still cheaper than SoCal and Florida, especially now that the dollar is finally stronger than the yen so take advantage while you still can!


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