That moment when…

…the math teacher begins to furiously grade the final math test papers as if it were a life or death situation while muttering calculations and exclamations vigorously under his breath. Each corrected paper slammed into the pile rather than just being casually dropped in.

Or that moment when, the JTE can’t imagine how one student gets all the grammar right on a foreign language test but doesn’t know what day Tanabata lands on. His bemused comment: “She gets all the English grammar right… But she doesn’t know that Tanabata lands on July 7. And she’s Japanese.”

The art teacher on the other hand just strolls in relaxed and happy with the creative output for the test.

Moral of the story: teach art. No right or wrong answers 😀

I had one job today: give the kids encouraging messages in their Daily Life journals. And I did it. Thumb twiddling and banging head in laptop screen commences as I try to justify killing a character who could technically still make it through another chapter…