初雪:はつゆき:hatsuyuki: the first snowfall of winter




I opened my eyes,

And everywhere, there is snow:

Beautiful and white.

 -Page One Adventures


Aomori City for a Skills and Development conference last week and the first snowfall of winter with friends over that same weekend \O/ It’s beginning to feel like a real winter wonderland… though perhaps I shouldn’t be celebrating too early, seeing as I still have to cold proof the house. Suddenly the small Yamazen electric heater and electric blanket aren’t enough. I’ve been practically living out of one room to conserve energy as well as to keep the heat consistently concentrated to at least one area of the house. Note to self: buy a tank of kerosene ASAP.

Enjoy the haiku/translation fail 😉 Somethings will never translate perfectly but I captured it as close as possible. For the syllabic sticklers and joy suckers of the world: I do pronounce everywhere as ‘ev-rywhere’ instead of ‘e-ver-y-where. Might be a SoCal thing.


Imabetsu, Aomori Prefecture

I can’t imagine a world without good friends, good adventures, and good old fashioned noveling. Our adventures throughout Aomori Prefecture, as the guild of traveling writers, continued this past weekend from the rice fields of Gonohemachi to the furthest reaches of the unknown (also known as, Imabetsu).

NaNoWriMo this year has most definitely been more productive with our little project, taking us to some of the most beautiful and inspirational places on this side of Honshu. For anyone interested in taking a new approach to NaNoWriMo, the premise is quite simple and easily adaptable: first, you take your closest fellow writer friends; second, pick a place to visit (someone else’s home town, that new cafe you’ve been meaning to check out, the beach, etc.); third, take your notebooks/laptops/typewriters/insert-creative-mechanism-of-choice and just go! Road trip, write, bounce ideas off each other, and repeat 😉

At the moment, Imabetsu is accessible by car and train but the shink is coming and signs all over this seaside village are excitedly proclaiming that in as little as a year, Imabetsu will be put on the map once again!