Throw Back Thursday: Only in Japan

Only in Japan…



…will tortilla chips be referred to as taco chips! ^-^

Really missed this segment? Time to get super nostalgic! Though the old blog was floundering and in need of massive revamping that would’ve taken me a week tops, in reality I am glad to have started this new one. Personal reasons factored into it as well (don’t they always?) and I doubt any of my current followers remember it but that’s why this post is called ‘Throwback Thursday’.

Classic Wasederp aside… this Kanji workshop really was quite helpful >.>”

I am so happy I found this stash and I’m looking forward to seeing what other quirky bits of gold I can unearth this far north!


2 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday: Only in Japan

    • So this guy I met at an ALT party told me that he kept getting ‘nihongo jouzu’ even when he was speaking English. It was just too funny. Have you gotten the ‘Do you know Japanese (car/electronics/insert life style choice item here)’ question a lot? x’D

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