The Thing About Moving To Japan…

1. Your instructions for the basics are completely in a foreign language that you speak like a toddler. Ever tried reading instructions for how to wash your clothes and you’re not quite sure if that’s the kanji for whites only? Those moments.

2. Your cooking utensils might look like they come straight from a sci-fi/futuristic film. Rice pot cookers. Period.

3. Even your pet is a little bit off… and can only understand said foreign language.

4. Your new favorite foods make your PETA loving friends block you from social media: raw sushi, fish eggs, horse meat… the list goes on!

5. Your spice rack be like, “I’m too intense for you! Bwahahahahahahaha!!!”

6. It’s no longer a TRASH can and a RECYCLE bin. It’s more like: one bin for burnable trash, one for non-burnable trash, one for special items like appliances, another for dangerous appliances like razors and such, and then there are the five different types of recyclable bins (paper and cardboard, plastic, PET plastic, glass, and cans).

7. You may have even drunk apple juice with the mayor on the sole merit that you’re the only foreigner in the town.

8. The food tastes real. Your American life has taught you nothing about the real taste of fruits and veggies. Suddenly even the food you hated back home has a pleasant taste.

9. Conbini is not only an experience to be had… it is a way of life. The convenience store is your second best friend of all time: it was there for you the day that you spilled coffee on your button up and you needed a quick change of clothes (neckties sold separately), it was there even when your significant other broke up with you and all you needed was chocolate ice cream at 2am, and it will forever be the beacon of light to which you gravitate while on road trips and in need of one or all of the following: cash from an ATM, a cheap meal on the go, smokes, alcohol, light bulbs, and any other number of daily toiletries/school supplies/emergency groceries.

10. Vending machines sell cold AND hot drinks. Mind blown.


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