Meridian Musings in B-flat minor, 1st edition

Another month gone by would have completed the eleventh anniversary since the last time either my sister or I stepped on Mexican soil. With my departure to Japan looming close, dad thought it was about time (long over due, in fact) that we took a family visit to la madre patria. His endeavors, although not in vain, only came into partial fruition… yours truly would not be receiving her passport with a lovely new work visa attached until July 25 (yep, right on the eve of Departure Day). Or as John Lennon once put it: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Or some derivative thereof, because really can any of us honestly trust what’s said on the internet? Ever? Only when convenient. As in this moment: yes. Moving right along.

So, anyway, it’s a jam packed adventurous fortnight with mums and two adorable puppies in tow. Where we’ll go, nobody knows! So far I have trips to the arboretum planned and some down time to watch BBC’s Endeavour series 2… and a dental appointment on Wednesday. Family picnic going on today. So that’s three days down and only eleven more for which to plan 😀 All in all it’s been an interesting last month in the good old U.S. of A.: getting all sorts of dental work done on my calcium deficient teeth (not fun) before it’s too late and getting to hang out with family/friends has been loads of fun although jam-packed.

Here’s the “TOP 10 MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS” everyone seems to want to know with great urgency:

  1. Are you studying abroad again… I thought you graduated?
  2. Oh, you’ve graduated! But how did you get hired if you didn’t major in English?
  3. Do you speak Japanese? Like a native?
  4. Can you translate (insert-random-phrase-or-cuss-word-here) into Japanese?
  5. Are you nervous?
  6. Are you afraid of living alone?
  7. Are you running away?
  8. What are you going to do with the rest of your life?
  9. Do you like Japan or kids or teaching?
  10. Are you going to get married with a Japanese boy and never come back?

A: 1. I graduated in May; 2. JET Program will accept anyone who has a Bachelor’s degree and a competitive resume; 3. Yes. No; 4. On principle I refuse to translate cuss words although I do not mind teaching you useful phrases; 5. A little bit! I’d be lying if I said no since it’s my first time alone; 6. Not afraid but apprehensive since I’m on the first floor; 7. Yes, always, forever; 8. Live it – whatever comes my way – undecided; 9. Yes, yes, maybe; 10. Refer to answer for question 8.

This program to be followed with an article, sometime next week, on how to prepare for an overseas adventure, or basically a glorified checklist for things to get done before leaving your home country. Smashing!

Thus concludes the Meridian Musings in B-flat minor, 1st edition (aka: procrastinate on packing/research/blog article/life). In the meantime, please enjoy some complimentary Chopin. With 90% more B-flat minor!


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