A CALL TO ARMS: If possible, it will only take at most four minutes of your time, please take the time to view the following video and then click here if you are able to donate what little you can! Dani, who I had the honor and privilege to meet in an intro to ceramics course, has an amazing and truly brave little sister. Nat Collison has been battling lupus for the past seven years now. But she was also quite recently diagnosed with gasteoparesis, a medical condition that occurs when muscles in the GI tract are paralyzed due to illness or injury, making it difficult if not nearly impossible for the body to break down food and so Nat receives her nutrients from a tube. However it is not so simple as just that; it is an expensive condition to treat, requiring medication and an army’s worth of medical paraphernalia to keep someone alive for even a day.

Any little bit that you can contribute will help this amazing family to help their daughter receive the proper medical treatment she needs. This family would not be asking for help if they truly did not need it. Even if you can’t donate financially please consider spreading the word: any little bit of help truly counts!

Thank you 🙂


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