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En cada cabeza hay un mundo. Cada loco con su tema.”

In every head there is a world. Every madman with his own theme.


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Hello, world…

You’ve stumbled across Page One Adventures, a little blog about travel and the ramblings of a JET Program assistant language teacher who will be living in Aomori Prefecture starting this July! It will be my second time abroad (the archived study abroad adventures from my days in Tokyo can be read here) but the first time living, working, and exploring the northernmost point of Honshu Island all on my lonesome.

This marks a new beginning for me, a fresh start… in short: it’s a whole new adventure in a foreign country at the best possible moment that it could come into my life and I couldn’t be any more excited 😀 Although some days it feels a bit daunting considering the magnitude of such a big change, I’m more exhilarated by the prospect that I finally have an opportunity to start creating my life into anything and everything I’ve ever dreamed or wanted out of it.

So how about a bit of introduction? I am that quintessential ‘first-in-a-family-of-immigrants-to-hold-a-college-degree’ person, struggling to balance social expectations and personal desires all while trying to establish a life somewhere in this world. I am a dreamer, an adventurer, a writer, an explorer. I am intensely curious. I am multitudes. I am human. In the midst of personal and family turmoil, I’m taking it as a once in a life time chance to turn the lemons I’ve been handed into award winning lemon squares with meringue frosting and organic, hand-churned vanilla chai ice cream on the side because why not? ❤ Life’s too short to count calories anyway 😉

once a year

Goals for this year are simple but far reaching: I want to learn something new, I want to go places I have never been before, I want to create new and exciting poetry (although I really should finish that set of short stories I began a couple of months ago), and above all at the end of the year I want to be able to say that I’ve come that much closer to finding out who I really am. My secret desire is to leave behind a lasting, indelible mark of my existence here on Earth and the manifestation of all my hopes, joys, fears, successes, and failures in the form of at least one published novel. Perhaps I may not be the most scintillating conversationalist or an eloquent writer, but I’ve got nothing left to lose and no bridges left to burn. And I’ve got a 1,000 items on my bucket list and only so much living left.

Welcome. It’s been a pleasure to make your acquaintance.